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Our multi-disciplined project team supports residential and commercial builders, developers and project clients to deliver their vision on time, under budget and beyond expectations

Victoria, Australia

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For decades, construction projects
have been managed in the same way

We Build Differently.


 On time delivery

Lean Project

Unlike many current builders, we implement lean project delivery systems, enabling us to handover more projects on time, under budget and beyond expectations.

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We implement effective collaboration to overcome the fragmentation that has come to characterise the building process. We involve downstream stakeholders in front-end planning and design through cross-functional teams to maximise positive iterations.

Increasing relatedness

We promote trust and openness between team members to facilitate growth. We use 'pull planning' techniques to govern the flow of materials and information through a network of cooperating specialists.

Optimising the project not the pieces

Instead of pushing for high productivity at the task level, we collaborate to identify and implement solutions that are best for the overall project. This avoids conflicts between trades and increases site safety by as much as 50%. We incorporating project reviews at each stage (feedback loops) to adjust and optimise delivery processes.

Organising project as production system

By aligning the roles of the parties in the project, we maximise overall performance, while using best practices for project execution strategies. We use web-based project management software to increase transparency across value streams;


Agile Services

Agile Project Management

We integrate agile project management systems to optimise performance in this turbulent business environment. Flexibility, adaptation, responsiveness, self-direction and collaboration is how we define agile project management, and how we can deliver projects more effectively.

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Embracing change

Instead of using traditional adaptation to changes by adjusting passively to changes, we expect uncertainty and manage for it through iterations, anticipations, and adaptation.

Adapting proactively

We response rapidly to changes to support business growth and profitability and improve return on investment.

Flat and team based management structure

We unleash creativity and innovation by recognizing that individuals are the ultimate source of value, and creating an environment where they can make a difference

Attitude to client is key to organization learning

We deliver reliable results by engaging clients in frequent interactions. To place our clients in a better position, we increase return on investment by making continuous flow of value our focus.

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The Team you need from us

Project Manager

Contract Admin

Project Estimator

Preconstruction Coordinator

Construction & Civil 
engineer Graduate

Project Management Services

Our diverse project team will support you in each stage of the construction process to deliver higher quality projects, on-time and under budget.

Tender & Procurement

Project Delivery

Stakeholder Coordination

Preconstruction Services

What we offer

Our Preconstruction team will help ensure that all documentation has been met, without any steps being missed.

Data management

Never get into a he-said, she-said situation again, with cryptographically validated proof-at-time of document approval, variation lodgement, safety reporting and quotes. 


Workplace Compliance

By taking care of all your frustrating compliance duties, we allow you to focus on what you do best.
WE: Carry-out audits on all existing in-house documentation and project job folders Review your certified management systems (ISO) Review your current templates and business documentation Prepare and supply professional construction templates and project documentation, tailored to your business

Project Planning and Administration

Our team is here to help you with:
- Cost planning & Value management
- Liaising with council & local bodies
- Contract management

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