We Build Differently. 


Unlike many current builders, we implement lean project delivery systems, enabling us to handover more projects on time, under budget and beyond expectations. 

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By implementing lean project delivery process,

we build 

  • Involve downstream stakeholders in early stage planning and design through cross-functional teams;
  • Use 'pull planning' techniques to govern the flow of materials and information through a network of cooperating specialists;
  • Use capacity and procurement buffers to absorb variability
  • Incorporating project reviews at each stage (feedback loops) to adjust and optimise delivery processes.
  • Improve workflow reliability to maintain constraint verification and optimum resource allocation;
  • Use web-based project management software to increase transparency across value streams;


We integrate agile project management systems to optimise performance in this turbulent business environment.

Flexibility, adaptation, responsiveness, self-direction and collaboration is how we define agile project management, and how we can deliver projects more effectively.

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By delivering agile project management services,

we manage differently...

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working with software over comprehensive documentation
  • Stakeholder collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan


Tender and Procurement 

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⚙ Audit and review all current documentation
⚙ Collate and prepare documents for tender
⚙ Preparation of Scope of Works and Tender Packages
⚙ Management of RFQs. EOIs and RFIs
⚙ Prequalification of subcontractors & suppliers
⚙ Undertakings of comprehensive subcontractor comparison analysis
⚙ Preparation and execution of contractual agreements

Project Delivery

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⚙ Undertake all site establishment activities
⚙ Carry out site preliminaries
⚙ Carrying out all tasks in accordance to project schedule
 ⚙ Construction and resource management
⚙ Coordination of logistics, suppliers, subcontractors
⚙ Execute ongoing cost and budget control
⚙ Carrying out inspections and meetings with stakeholders
⚙ Project defecting, commissioning
⚙ Attainment and review of all handover documentation 

Stakeholder Coordination

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⚙ Liaison with client or builder in relation to any site or construction related issues
⚙ Assessment and review of variations, day sheets and claims
⚙ Manage builder’s timeline in accordance with the contractual time
⚙ Seamless Coordination amongst subcontractors, suppliers, site personnel
⚙ Assess, mitigate and resolve contract variations, defects, disputes


Project Planning and Administration

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⚙ Project Feasibility
⚙  Cost Planning
⚙  Value Management
⚙  Project Scheduling
⚙  Contract and Design Management
⚙  Invoicing and Cash Flow Management
⚙  Liaison with council authorities and local bodies

Data Management

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Your sensitive project data - stored securely by blockchain
Rely on our team to securely store...
⚙ Building Permits
⚙ Planning Permits
⚙ Supplier, product warranties
⚙ Handover Manuals
⚙ Licensed Certificates
⚙ Subcontractor business details over Defect Liability Periods

Workplace Compliance 

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⚙  Auditing of documentation and job folders
⚙ Review and update:
   ✓  Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
   ✓  Site checklists, reports and templates
   ✓ Construction Management Plans (CMP)
   ✓ Site Safety Environmental Management Plans (SSEMPs)
   ✓ Safety Management Plans (SMPs)
   ✓ Quality Management Plans (QMPs)

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